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Aims and Objectives

To coordinate a strategic, multi-agency approach which seeks to address all relevant, agency based issues that have a direct or indirect affect on community safety.
To facilitate targeting of young people at risk of offending, at risk of family breakdown or "children in need"
To facilitate support for parents and families struggling to deal with disaffected children.
To identify community work programmes that rehabilitates offenders and improves the environment to the benefit of the community at large.
To coordinate the agencies and voluntary groups on the area in order that a structured programme is in place to support strong bids for funding.
To consult with the public in order to identify the needs of the community.
To undertake a programme of education around issues of target hardening and crime prevention without significantly increasing the fear of crime especially among elderly residents.

Projects: short/medium term

Planning For Real Exercise. This will involve mapping, Focus Groups, Public Meetings etc and will identify issues under the 5 different headings used by Neighbourhood Renewal.
Develop links with Youth Inclusion Project and Probation Service
Support/funding for Parenting Courses
Education (residents) - Various Community Safety Initiatives - Crime Prevention Officer
Continue to develop Police and Community Partnership working through Action Group and directly with the local residents through the Residents Drop-in Meetings
Continue to develop partnerships with Portway Community School & The Traders Association in Shire
Develop stronger ties with the Neighbourhood Watch Network in Shire
Develop partnerships to address Truancy
There is a new initiative to set up a forum to preplan/bid for resources for holiday activities across the Portway School catchment area. This is also relevant to the Youth Support Group.

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