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Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF) is a small, grass-roots community organisation working in Shirehampton, North West Bristol within the Avonmouth ward and about 6,800 residents. Shirehampton is on the outskirts of Bristol and is approximately 6 miles from the city centre - it is semi-rural and does not benefit from many of the facilities and resources afforded by other more central neighbourhoods.

Shirehampton has been a recognised both as a 'pocket of deprivation', and as a disadvantaged community particularly on the grounds of social and economic deprivation, high crime, poor health, low educational achievement and lackign community facilities and amenities.

We are a registered charity and not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee. We have been working for the benefit of everyone in our local community since 2001. The Forum and action group have created strong and effective working partnerships. These have involved BCC, statuatory agencies, community groups, voluntary sector organisations, schools, churches and our local councillors. We work extensively in areas like community safety, planning and development, and also about the environment. We also deliver much of the agenda of the Neighbourhood Partnership for Shirehampton through our Community Safety Action Group and Full Forum Meetings.

What We Do

Full Forum Meetings

We hold 5 Full Forums meetings each year. These are an opportunity to hear about SCAF's wide range of work and projects, updates from the action groups, exchange information and bring up any community issues you are concerned about. We often have guest presentations e.g about a Shire Flood Plan or from Agents/developers on a major building/development project in Shire. All our meetings are held in the main Hall at Shire Public Hall, which is fully accessible and everyone is welcome.

Full Forum Meeting Dates

Community Safety Group Meetings

We work in close partnership with the Police and other statutory agencies as well as a whole host of other local organisations and local residents. Our Community Safety Action Group is chaired by our local Beat Manager, PC Amanda Patterson and between us this group sets PACT (Partners And Communities Together) for Shirehampton. The current PACT is anti-social behaviour in a number of hot-spot areas.

Community Safety Meeting Dates