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Shire Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?

  • Identifies local problems & opportunities
  • Sets out an achievable and long term vision for the future
  • Prepares a plan of action to achieve this vision
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The views of all of the community were gathered through a comprehensive survey & community participation/consultation events. The plan involves looking at all aspects of living and/or working in a community and has sections on community safety, heath, traffic and transport, community facilities/buildings, housing & planning, parks and green spaces, employment and enterprise etc. It can include everything we think is relevant in Shire and we can decide what's important to us!
Who did it? This was a partnership project led by local residents, Shire Community Action Forum (SCAF) and Cotswold Community Association.

Why do a Community Plan for Shirehampton?

  • Gives the whole community the opportunity to have their say
  • It provides detailed information of what is important to our community
  • Gives a snapshot of what are the community issues that need addressing now, and provides a vision of where we would like to be in the future with a clear action plan
  • Gives Bristol City Council documented views and evidence of what residents in Shire see as important and what our community needs
  • It provides useful information and supporting evidence when making grant & funding applications and attracting investment to our community